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Social support for suddenly bereaved people

Friday 25 March 2021


Overview:This webinar will analyse the importance of strong social support for people facing the shock of a sudden bereavement; from families, friends, streets, communities and local professionals in key roles. How can we enable community support to be unlocked and harnessed for people who are in shock and often facing isolation? How can we help concerned local people to help better?

This webinar will explain:

  • Key, simple ways to help
  • Why social support is so important – the academic perspective
  • The importance of people working together, locally, to provide joined up help.

This webinar will be helpful if you work in any of these roles:

Community leaders, community health professionals such as GPs, nurses, hospital bereavement staff, police in FLO roles, faith leaders, club leaders, teachers, and others in care-related roles following sudden bereavement, including funeral directors and lawyers.