Drive smart

Got the msg?If you talk on a phone at the wheel – hands-free or hand-held – your risk of causing an injury or death is four times as high. Use a phone to text, email or browse the internet and the risk is much higher still. Research shows the impact of using a phone on reaction times is on a par with drink driving. Yet a huge proportion of drivers put themselves and others in danger for the sake of a call or message, whether flouting the law by using a hand-held phone, or wrongly believing that hands-free is a safe option. Read more facts.

What needs to be done?

Drivers need to put phones out of sight and reach when driving to avoid temptation; on long journeys, they should take regular breaks to check for messages. Using a phone and driving is a deadly combination, and no call or message is worth a life. 

Brake is also calling on the government to ban hands-free phones at the wheel, in line with research showing the risk is just as great due to the distraction of the conversation. We also need a much higher penalty for using phones at the wheel, so drivers take it seriously. And we need roads policing made a national policing priority, so more resources are invested in catching dangerous drivers on phones.

What you can do:

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Get involved in our 2Young2Die programme, spreading road safety awareness among young people, including on the dangers of phone use by drivers

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